Liza Vesselovskaya, PA-C

Liza Vesselovskaya is a board-certified dermatology physician assistant, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, with a focus on early detection of melanomas. She is listed as one of the top diagnosticians of melanomas in Arizona.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Liza trained as a classical pianist, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business with honors at Concordia College in Minnesota, before choosing medicine. She went on to receive her Master of Medical Science degree from one of the top PA programs at Midwestern University. After graduation, she pursued an internship at English Dermatology and volunteered at the Phoenix VA Dermatology Department, while practicing family and internal medicine in Scottsdale.

She specializes in skin cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and also manages general skin conditions. She routinely provides mole checks and full body skin exams to screen for cancers, topical chemotherapy, treatment for pre-cancers and warts, and performs biopsies and surgical excisions.

Liza enjoys building long-term relationships with her patients and takes the time to carefully explain skin conditions and treatments, delivering exemplary patient care in surgical and medical management of skin cancers and skin diseases. Her advanced dermoscopy skills are key to her excellent record of detecting melanomas, making her one of Arizona's top-listed melanomas diagnosticians.

Liza is an active member of the Society of Dermatology for Physician Assistants, Phoenix Dermatologic Society, and Arizona Dermatology Physician Assistant Society.

She enjoys playing piano for the community in her free time. She also likes to spend her time traveling, skiing, and learning photography.