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48 year old Female | Breast Augmentation with Vertical Mastopexy

This patient received a smooth round silicone moderate plus 400cc implant on the left side and 375cc implant on the right side.

Each patient is unique – unique in what they want to achieve and unique in what the anatomy of their breasts will allow breast augmentation to achieve. It is not a one size fits all “cookie cutter” procedure that can be shaped for on line. Dr. Clay Forsberg and Dr. David Kelly are both certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and are highly experienced in breast augmentation surgery. 

Mastopexy is a procedure where the breast is reshaped to provide a more youthful appearance. A breast lift improves droopy or saggy breasts in 4 primary ways:

  • The excess loose skin of the breast is reduced

  • The breast tissue itself is reshaped, becoming firmer and more youthful

  • The nipple is elevated to the center of the breast mound

  • The size of the areola (pigmented skin around the nipple) is also reduced

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