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At Center for Dermatology & Plastic Surgery’s Vein Center, our board certified providers expertly diagnose and treat your vein conditions with compassion and personalized care. We offer minimally invasive treatments to easily eliminate the appearance of your veins and any possible underlying issues.

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What Causes Venous Disorders?

Sometimes large or discolored veins are simply a cosmetic issue, but sometimes they are indicative of larger internal problems. As you get older or become pregnant, it is more common to develop varicose or spider veins.

Varicose veins, which are swollen, purple or blue or twisted leg veins can occur when blood vessel valves stop functioning properly and are unable to transport blood from the extremities back to the heart. Spider veins are broken capillaries that appear as fine purple or red lines on the skin’s surface and may be a symptom of rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition.

How Do I Improve My Vein Condition?

Center for Dermatology & Plastic Surgery has numerous treatment options and custom plans to help you get rid of painful, unsightly veins.

Our procedures include:


  • Sclerotherapy
  • Laser ablation
  • Vein stripping
  • Endoscopic vein surgery

Meet Our Vein Specialists

Brian deGuzman MD

Brian deGuzman MD

Fiona Blunt PA-C

Fiona Blunt PA-C